Pavlos Chelidonis
Freelance translator German – Greek
Dervenakion Str. 106
15343 Ag. Paraskeyi (Athens)

How and when you can reach me

Phone (landline): +30 210 608 5170
Fax: +30 210 608 5170
Mobile/SMS: +30 6948 208 950

Or simply call me at +30 210 6085170. In German, English or Greek.

Reachability in weekends and bank holidays

No worries: you can reach me at any time via email and phone.

Whether it is a working day or a bank holiday, you shall receive a response to your email within an hour at the latest.

Have you received an unsolicited a CV from me?

If you have received an unsolicited a CV supposedly “from me”, it is 100% a scam. I do not send unsolicited CVs nor do I contact potential clients first. Furthermore, you shall not find my CV anywhere on the Internet. If you have received such an email, I would appreciate it if you could inform me about this. You can read more on the matter on this page written by a colleague from Portugal.