File types

Translation of editable files into Greek

Provided that your German source document is editable, e.g. direct editing is possible (Office, InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker etc.), you will receive the file in exactly the same layout in Greek. Images are retained in the format, the Greek table of contents works flawlessly and the headers and footers are also translated. Due to language expansion, the amount of pages may be different, however this can adjusted free of charge (even later).

Translation of non-editable files into Greek

Editing a PDF file is not an easy task and requires additional work. Editing and translating of such files is hence possible only indirectly. That is to say that before translating, some steps are necessary. Due to software limitation, external conversion is not always possible, therefore it cannot be guaranteed that the layout of the text translated into Greek will be always identical. Due to this indirect editing, the time required for editing is also longer.
Hint: It is only beneficial to you to have the files available in the initial format: less processing means that the delivery is quicker and the cost is smaller.

Translation of other files into Greek

Office-files or PDF-files are not the only file types out there. Numerous other file types are used for websites, control units, user interfaces etc. Although these cannot be edited with common applications, in most cases specialized applications can be used instead which provide an exact copy of the file in its original format only in another language.

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