How much does a translation into Greek cost?

There are many reasons why it is not possible to answer this question. The price may vary depending on the software used, the delivery date or the terms of payment. You can send me an email too for a free quote.

For regular customers the fixed rate per word, line or hour is fixed of course. This price is for the source text (i.e. German), thus the costs for the translation are always known in advance.

You can send me an email or you can use the contact form to send the files and get an offer soon. Or, you can just call me: ++30 210 6085170 (Greek landline), ++30 6948208950 (Greek mobile).

No extra costs

If your translation costs 200 USD for example, you just have to transfer 200 USD within the period agreed. Except for the wire transfer fee of your bank (if any), you will be charged with no further costs.

VAT-No. for EU-based customers

You will find my VAT-No on each invoice. If you haven’t a VAT-No or are not VAT registered, you will be charged with the valid Greek VAT (as of June 2016: 24%). This does not apply, if you are not based in the EU.

Payment methods for your Greek translation

You can pay via bank transfer (in euro, CHF or USD). For smaller invoiced amounts, payment via PayPal is also possible. Terms of payment for regular customers: 30 to 45 days after receipt of invoice.